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I’m a clinician who uses the Curlin pump and teaches patients how to use it.  It is very user friendly and the patients catch on easily!

– Home Healthcare Professional

Customer Support Line: 1-800-970-2337

Clinical Support 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week

Speak live with a Moog Clinical representative for pump questions, troubleshooting guidance & PLSS Support.

Customer Services M-F 8:30-5p (MTN)

Call during business hours for product line questions, orders, complaints and RMA support.

*NOTE: For safety reasons, Moog will not give out the pump access over the phone. Please obtain the code from your administrator or specialty pharmacy prior to calling for support.

Training Options

CURLIN 6000 Ambulatory Infusion Pump Training Videos.

Our comprehensive training videos offer step-by- step instructions in 35 chapters – from loading the set and pump priming to alarms and programming therapies. An excellent resource for troubleshooting or training review.

Watch Videos

CURLIN 6000 Ambulatory Infusion Pump Training Materials

If you would like hard copies of any of the training materials below please contact Customer Service:

CURLIN 6000 User Manual (pdf)
CURLIN 6000 White Paper (pdf)


Basics Programming Lock Level Full Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do if I have questions about the pump?

Whenever you have questions about the pump or your therapy, you should call your healthcare provider.

Q: How do I move around with the pump?

CURLIN Infusion Pumps have a carry pack specifically designed to allow you to be mobile and active while receiving your therapy. Your healthcare provider will demonstrate how to use the carry pack.

Q: Where do I leave the pump when I want to sleep?

Place the pump at your bedside or next to you on the bed. Your clinician may have special instructions for bedtime use of the pump.

Q: How do I bathe or shower during my therapy?

The pump is water resistant, but not water proof, so it should be placed outside your tub or shower.

Q: How do I exit the help screen?

When the pump is paused and the help/option key is pressed, a help message will appear. Press the help/options key again to exit the help screen.

Q: Where does the remote Bolus Cable plug into on the pump?

The port on the side of the pump is for the remote Bolus Cable with switch.

Q: Where does the Data Interface Cable (green ring at one end, serial port connector at the other end) plug into on the pump?

The port on the side of the pump is for the Data Interface Cable.

Q: How do I remove the AC Adapter/Charger, the Bolus Cable or the Data Interface Cable from the pump?

Pull on the ring (blue for the AC Adapter/Charger, green for the Bolus Cable and Data Interface Cable) and the cord will be released from the pump.

Q: Approximately how long will new batteries last?

Battery life depends on the usage. The following times are approximate only:

  • Nominal 85 hours at a rate of 2 ml/hr
  • Nominal 30 hours at a rate of 125 ml/hr
  • Nominal 10 hours at a rate of 400 ml/hr

However, if the patient is frequently pressing keys, that action will illuminate the display and the battery life will be shortened. To extend battery life, the AC Adapter may be used at night.

Q: How can I determine how much battery power is remaining in the pump?

  • Read the power bar graph when you first turn on the pump.
  • Use the options menu and select PWR CK to view the power bar graph while the pump is running.

Q: Are the C-cell batteries in the pump rechargeable?

No. A rechargeable external battery pack and an Adapter/charger are, however, available for use with the pump.

Q: Where does the External Battery Pack or AC Adapter/Charger (with a blue ring) plug into the pump?

The port on the bottom of the pump is for the External Battery Pack and/or AC Adapter.

Q: How long should the External Battery Pack be charged prior to use?

The External Battery Pack should be charged initially for 24 hours using the AC Adapter/Charger.

Q: Where can I order a pump or supplies?

To order products or supplies, contact your local sales representative or call Moog Medical Devices Group customer service at 800.970.2337.

Q: How can I get repairs done?

Click on this link to fill out your RMA form on line or call 800.970.2337. Please provide the serial number (on the back) of your pump and reason for return. You will receive an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number that should be placed on the shipping label when the items are sent in to Moog.

Q: Do you have loaner pumps available?

Yes. The company has a loaner program. When you fill out the RMA form on line or call 800.970.2337, you may request that you are provided a loaner pump. Up to five pumps may be loaned out at one time based on needs of the facility. If additional circumstances require more than this please contact both your sales representative.

Q: What is the cost to perform repairs?

Option 1:

Basic Service may be provided by the bio-medical department per instruction in the back of the “User Manual”:

Checks that may be performed by in-house Bio-medical Team:

  • Verify operation of basic controls and indicators.
  • Verify critical alarms.
  • Inspect and verify integrity of chassis.
  • Check to make sure proper warning and instrument labels are attached.
  • Perform functional check to assure pumping of fluid.
  • Check volume accuracy.
  • Check rate accuracy.
  • Clean and disinfect pump.
  • Determine electrical leakage in micro-amps.
  • Check for integrity of ground.
  • Check occlusion pressure setting.
  • Validate correct software revision.

If the problem can’t be resolved you must call Moog or use the online RMA request form to request an RMA in order to send your pump in for repair.

The minimum charge for repair service is $105 (1 hour of labor) per pump. This represents the time required for the diagnosis and handling of the pump, and will be applied towards the repair cost.

  • Provide the item Model Number, Serial Number (when applicable) and a description of the problem.
  • Obtain a Return Authorization RMA# from Customer Service.
  • All products returned to Moog should be postage pre-paid, unless otherwise authorized by Moog.

Option 2:

Send Biomedical Technician to a Moog Medical Devices Group facility for Training and PM Certification

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